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Coextrusion of multiple layers of film can increase the options available in designing films.

For example, each layer can be optimised to perform a different function:

  • A surface layer for sealing may contain an excellent sealing resin such as metallocene
  • Non-sealing layers may contain a higher density blend to provide
    stiffness without affecting sealing
  • Antiblocking additives can be added to only the surface where they are required
  • Stretch wrap film can be produced with high cling on only one side
  • In some cases film can be produced with more slip on one side
  • High gloss surfaces can be produced
  • Films can be produced with high barrier resins (e.g. Nylon, EVOH)
    although this can impact the recyclability of the film.
  • Incompatible resins can be used in different layers

By taking advantage of some of these options, significant cost savings can be achieved. These cost savings are typically achieved by:

  • Minimising the amount of expensive resins required
  • Allowing down-gauging
  • Replacing more expensive laminate products

The first Issue of the Qenos Multilayer Film Series provides an example of a typical PE Shrink Film.

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