Comparison Of Film Properties For Different Classes Of PE

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In one of our previous blog posts (Grade Selection Of Polymer Grades For Film Extrusion) we explored the differing film properties of polymer grades and how they can be combined to create the best possible results, some are better than others. This post summarizes the key differences observed between films produced with different classes of PE.

The different classes of PE are often combined in the film to obtain the best balance of properties for the application. Products can be combined by blending and by coextrusion.

The following table provides a comparison of the film properties for the different classes of PE:

Haze Low Medium Medium High
Tensile Strength Low Medium Medium High
Elongation Medium Very High Very High High
Tear Resistance Medium Variable Variable Low
Impact Strength High High Very High Variable
Puncture Resistance Low Very High Very high Medium
Hot tack Low High Very High NA

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