Not all Metallocenes Are Alike

First generation metallocene catalysts produced very uniform PE molecules compared to conventional LLDPE.  This gave better performance but reduced processability.

Second generation metallocenes were designed to compete with LDPE by addressing the processability issue.  This was done by deliberately allowing different size PE molecules to form (also known as broadening the molecular weight distribution).  With broader MWD the processability improved, but product performance dipped.

Third Generation Metallocene is the best of both worlds, providing performance and processability.

Qenos Alkamax offers many advantages over conventional mLLDPE resins including an excellent stiffness toughness balance, and superior sealing performance.

A key advantage of Alkamax over conventional C6 mLLDPE resins is the ease of processing for our customers.  Alkamax has better bubble stability and superior processability.  It also has low melt fracture, with no additional process aid required.

Processability of Alkamax compared with
conventional C6 mLLDPE resins


Many customers choose to blend mLLDPE resins with LDPE.  In this regard, Alkamax performance is outstanding, retaining almost twice the impact strength as conventional C6 mLLDPE when blended with LDPE.

Impact Strength of mLLDPE / LDPE Blends

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