Versatile Applications

Consumer Applications

Alkamax resins are widely used in both consumer and industrial applications. Generally, for a high level of consumer appeal in the display of products, films are required to exhibit excellent optical properties. This attractive appearance must be coupled with adequate impact and tear strength to withstand the stresses encountered in handling during packaging, transport and retail display.

In most applications, the film should have good heat sealing properties to enable strong heat seals to be formed, and should be formulated with the required level of slip and anti-blocking additives for ease of conversion and handling.

All Alkamax mLLDPE grades are suitable for food packaging meeting Australian Standards and US Food and Drug Administration and European Union food contact regulations.


Industrial Applications

In industrial applications, consumer appeal is less important and good appearance is a secondary consideration. These applications require a film with the best possible mechanical properties and resistance to tearing, and a hazy tough type of film may be acceptable.

For heavy duty sacks, mechanical properties, particularly resistance to snagging are important but additional desirable requirements include the ability to give reliable heat seals and surface properties which permit satisfactory stacking.

Addition of a UV stabiliser should be considered where the intended application involves extended exposure to sunlight.

Find the grade you’re looking for

The versatile range of grades in the Alkamax mLLDPE series makes it the right choice for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

For assistance with formulating your customized flexible packaging solution contact Qenos today.

Applications: Description:
Laminates Across a wide variety of liquid, food, personal care and home care products
Frozen Food Meeting a unique set of challenges
Industrial Packaging Where strength is paramount
Heavy Duty Sacks Providing load stability for longer durations
Stretch Wrap ML171OSC has been designed specifically for Australian conditions
Mulch and Silage To preserve agricultural yields across harsh environmental conditions
Form, Fill and Seal Excellent seal integrity at lower temperatures
Ice Bags Unparalleled puncture resistance
Produce Preserving freshness and flavour
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