Why Choose Alkamax?

The new Alkamax mLLDPE range combines excellent impact strength with greater stiffness to deliver improved web handling in converting operations and packaging lines.

This in turn allows downgauging and cost savings without a loss of strength or packaging integrity.

Alkamax mLLDPE also provides excellent creep resistance, enabling it to be used in Heavy Duty Sack (HDS) applications to hold greater loads for a longer duration.

Alkamax® has a unique combination of excellent toughness and stiffness, superior to conventional mLLDPE resins


Improved Cost Outcomes

Less is more when it comes to the latest technology in plastic films for packaging applications.

With its purpose designed, leading edge polymer architecture Alkamax mLLDPE delivers a 20% thinner film than standard LLDPE resin with excellent clarity and lower overall cost.

Alkamax mLLDPE also outperforms standard LLD resin with improved haze, puncture resistance, toughness, tear and creep resistance.

In addition to exceptional mechanical properties, the Alkamax catalyst technology delivers excellent processability. Alkamax mLLDPE resins can be extruded more cost effectively with lower head pressure, lower motor load, and good bubble stability leading to uninterrupted operations.

Also, the Alkamax mLLDPE range is specifically formulated with process aid to minimise melt fracture and generate cost savings through reduction in masterbatch requirements.

The combination of a thinner film with lower operating costs all adds up to a more cost effective solution for many blown film applications.

It’s no wonder Alkamax mLLDPE has become increasingly popular with Qenos PE resin consumers.

Better Sealing for Better Performance

One of the special advantages of polyethylene films is their ability to be heat sealed.

PE film businesses know that sealability of the film is critical – so the film can run effectively and efficiently through Form, Fill and Seal packaging lines. Here again the performance of PE films made from Qenos Alkamax mLLDPE is excellent. Most importantly for customers the end result is excellent seal integrity.

Compared to conventional C6 mLLDPE resins, Alkamax® seals at lower temperatures and over a wider range. The broad sealing window and high seal strength deliver improved ‘hot tack’, superior package integrity and reduced risk of sack bursting while maintaining high throughput in sealing operations.

Alkamax® has exceptional sealing performance when compared to conventional mLLDPE resins

Hot Tack Performance
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